Love Birds

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Love Is

Love Is....

 finding he has a high “kissability” factor.
 looking forward to “apres ski”.
 like music to your ears.
 sitting up all night a sick child.
 when your future is crystal clear.
 when “cold feet” are a cure for snoring.
 sending her a “love fax”.
 not letting her down.
 being a good neighbour.
 willing him to call you.
 letting her take over the bathroom.
 what causes you to loose your concentration.
 having his picture on your desk and your love in his heart.
 not asking how much her new dress cost.
 the reason we’re here on earth.
 when you’re in the driver’s seat.
 blowing away the cobwebs.
 a sign that spring can’t be far away.
 encouraging his attentions.
a happy childhood.
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Happy Valentine's Day 2014

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